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what the fuck

2017-04-01 16:55:08 by PeachFruit

hem hem...idk what im even doin with art anymore

im already making a new sona and sheit

and im tryna get into nsfw again but

idk man

u people should add me on skype though, causeee

i need people to talk to and inspIRatION.............he lp


2017-03-02 20:06:10 by PeachFruit

honestly i just do not have the strength to draw anymore. HA jk im actually under another alias, but im not on newgrounds, and im not telling any of you guys what it is :)) but my style is pretty easy to spot........not that i wont post on here but, idk that might be a lot of upkeep lol


2017-01-07 12:50:56 by PeachFruit

im drawing art i promise!! im just slow this year. im sorry you guys